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Are you paying more than $9.00/hr for labor? Schedule an initial evaluation and learn how to lower your operating costs!

In this step, HCM will prove the concept by evaluating all parameters of your project and will create a real time simulation. The graphical simulation will allow us to:

  • Accurately predict throughput to make equipment selections
  • Identify any areas of concern
  • This process significantly decreases the installation time required
  • Optimize palletizing efficiency

3D Palletizing Simulation Sample

3D Palletizing Simulation Features:

  • 3D Palletizing Simulation Sample Part TwoCreates Palletizing Cell with Wizard
  • Defines Palletizing Parameters
  • Infeed/Outfeed Locations & Unit Loads
  • Test Run of New Patterns in Real Time
  • Visualize Palletizing Process
    • Accurate Throughput
    • Interference/Collision Avoidance
    • Palletizing Video Export
  • Uploads for New Patterns


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