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Are you paying more than $9.00/hr for labor? Schedule an initial evaluation and learn how to lower your operating costs!

How Robots Benefit Your Customer

  • Reducing or maintaining your costs facilitates repeat business with you.
  • Consistently perfect loads allow them to process the inbound freight from you without delay thus reducing cost.
  • Computerized order accuracy eliminates the cost of processing a claim or return.
  • Your high quality service levels aid them in providing the same service levels to their customers.

How Robots Benefit You

  • Increasing throughput without adding cost drops money to the bottom line.
  • Eliminating the risk of injury from manual labor reduces lost work hours, medical claims, and increased premiums thus adding money to your bottom line.
  • Free up labor resources to do other tasks in your operation thus reducing the labor cost for this operation and the subsequent labor percentage on your monthly statement.
  • Decreasing your cost of quality by reducing returns, rush orders, and damage claims. Watch your cost of quality figures drop and your profit increase.
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