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Are you paying more than $9.00/hr for labor? Schedule an initial evaluation and learn how to lower your operating costs!

In this step, HCM will provide detailed System Concepts. HCM's Mechanical & Electrical teams will assess your current situations and design a custom solution for robotic palletizing.

HCM has experience with case, tray and carton loading cells, palletizing cells and various other types of loading and unloading systems for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare and durable good industries. HCM can deliver a truly customized system that fits your needs exactly.

Sample Palletizing Cell Design

Palletizing Cell Design Sample


A Carton Infeed Conveyor
B Pallet Dispenser
C Slip Sheet Bin
D Empty Pallet Infeed
E Robot With tooling
F Operator Panel
G Full Pallet Discharge
H Perimeter Safety System
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