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Southworth Products
Manufacturer of Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

PalletPal Rotator

With the ability to handle pallet loads measuring up to 48" x 48" x 60" high, the PalletPal Rotator is a simple, rugged machine designed to invert entire pallet loads. The pressure adjustable clamping mechanism easily secures loads up to 4,400 pounds and rotates them 180 degrees on a massive anti-friction turret bearing.

The PalletPal Rotator is an economic quality inverter that can achieve several objectives. HCM Systems recommends it to customers for the following uses:

• Replace broken pallets
• Switch loads to/from in-house or shipping pallets
• Transfer from pallets to slip sheets
• Replace damaged goods at the bottom of the load

We also provide our customers with PalletPal Automatic, PalletPal Airbag, PalletPal Powered-Hydraulic, PalletPal Powered-Pneumatic, PalletPal Lift Truck, PalletPal Mobile Leveler, Roll-On Level Loader with Turntable, PalletPal Disc Turntable, Roll-On Level Loader, and a Stainless Steel PalletPal Automatic

Model Weight Capacity Voltage Price Range
pounds USD
SR44-60 4000 3500 460/3/60 $27,410
SR44-72 4400 3500 460/3/60 $31,520
SR44-84 4800 3500 460/3/60 $34,475
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