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Southworth Products
Manufacturer of Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

PalletPal Disc Turntable

The PalletPal Disc Turntable is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment available. There are so many times that a turntable would make an operation exceedingly easier. The PalletPal Disc Turntable has a low-profile design, less than 1" high, which allows it to accept a hand pallet jack. By rotating the load, the operator always works from the nearside without walking around the pallet. The risk of injury from reaching or stretching can be virtually eliminated. The turntable is totally portable and can be easily moved throughout any operation.

HCM Systems has found the PalletPal Disc Turntable to be economical and super convenient. It is simply an easy way to get turntable functionality.

We also provide our customers with PalletPal Automatic, PalletPal Airbag, PalletPal Powered-Hydraulic, PalletPal Powered-Pneumatic, PalletPal Lift Truck, PalletPal Mobile Leveler, PalletPal Rotator, Roll-On Level Loader, Roll-On Level Loader with Turntable, and a Stainless Steel PalletPal Automatic

Model Weight Capacity Price Range
pounds USD
PalletPal Disc Turntable 250 4000 $980
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