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Southworth Products
Manufacturer of Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

PalletPal Airbag

HCM Systems utilizes the PalletPal Airbag for pallet positioning when pallet loads vary widely and are changed frequently. The airbag spring combination provides virtually any working height within its range, and the spring provides a measure of safety by providing some support for the turntable in the event of accidental air loss from the airbag. Fittings and tubing are simple with only two connections. The unit is equipped with fork pockets for easy relocation and to provide a stable base that does not require lagging. The PalletPal Airbag has a load range up to 4,500 lbs. It has a low-friction, bearing-supported turntable.

The PalletPal Airbag is a highly adjustable economic quality pallet positioner. HCM Systems utilizes it in work cells where it is beneficial to have unlimited adjustability within the ergonomic range (proper working zone).

We also provide our customers with PalletPal Automatic, PalletPal Powered-Hydraulic, PalletPal Powered-Pneumatic, PalletPal Lift Truck, PalletPal Mobile Leveler, PalletPal Disc Turntable, PalletPal Rotator, Roll-On Level Loader, Roll-On Level Loader with Turntable, and a Stainless Steel PalletPal Automatic

Model Weight Capacity Lowered Height Vertical Travel Raised Height Price Range
pounds inches USD
PalletPal Air 615 4500 9.5 21 30.5 $2140
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