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METTLER TOLEDO - In-Line Weighing Equipment, Over/Under ScalesMETTLER TOLEDO is HCM Systems preference for in-line weighing equipment. No other over/under scales offer such high levels of speed, accuracy, durability, and ease of use. In-line weighing equipment can be used in fast, accurate weighing performance for check weighing, trimming, portion control, and SQC applications to high performance weighing in heavy wash-down environments. HCM Systems has the experience necessary with in-line weighing systems to assist in the development and implementation of in-line weighing equipment for you. HCM Systems experience and knowledge of control systems, conveyor, and robotics assists us greatly when implementing in-line weighing equipment.

CSN910 Dimensioner

Mettler Toledo CSN910 DimensionerThe CSN910 offers accurate dimensioning of regular, singulated parcels and is approved for measurement over any conveyor, crossbelt or tilt tray. It can be combined with dynamic scales and barcode readers and turned into a full DWS solution. The CSN910 is ideal for integration into sorting systems with a throughput of 2 m/s or lesss. Sophisticated dimensioning technology ensures maximum dimensioning rate , full control of package count and correct sorting and material handling.

Features and Benefits

  • Laser range finder technology
    Accurate measuring of length, width and height 
  • Measures flats
    Approved measuring of flats and parcels
  • Splitting of Clusters
    High dimensioning and read rate. Accurate package count
  • Easily configurable
    Can be installed over any type of conveyor


Accuracy +/-2mm (0.1in) height +/-5mm (0.2in) length & width
Throughput 10 000 objects/hour
Max belt speed 3 m/s (591 fpm)
Object shape Rectangulars
Object spacing None
Interface RS232 / Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Software accessories Merging, host communication, barcode validation, alibi memory. Standard and customized modules.
System Accessories Stand for customer site, top/side/front barcode readers, monitor, keyboard, light signal.
Trade Name EDS,Cargoscanner,Flexflow
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