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Switching / Dividing

Manufacturer of Conveyor Belting

HCM Systems utilizes Intralox switching conveyor automation equipment to gently divert products from a single lane into multiple outfeed lanes while protecting the quality of products and the safety of operators. With no exposed moving parts and the low-maintenance costs of Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, Intralox switches provide a simple, economical, and reliable solution for switching / dividing applications.

The Intralox switching / dividing equipment HCM Systems deploys may be used in any switching / dividing application where products must be directed from one incoming lane into multiple outfeed lanes, such as diverting individual products to variable lanes, splitting one product stream into multiple trains, or in-line rejecting applications.

They are ideal for the following situations:

  • When upgrading an existing system to accommodate higher throughput demands or new product types
  • When simplifying an existing system in regard to maintenance, operation, and footprint
  • When the safety of operators is a concern
  • When gentle product handling is required

Key Benefits

  • Increases line throughput by employing continual motion
  • Simplifies operations; no controls necessary
  • Features a smaller footprint
  • Zero accumulation; product damage is eliminated

Intralox Switches

The 90° DARB sorter is also viable in applications where product damage or worker safety is of concern. Because all moving parts are contained within the machine, below the conveying surface, impact on the products is minimized and risk of operator injury decreased.

Mechanically Simple and Versatile

  • Effectively handles a wide range of pack sizes without adjustments to settings
  • No lubrication required, nor major maintenance overhauls
  • Combination of modular plastic belting technology and few equipment controls provides simplicity

No Safety Cage

  • Offers immediate access to divert surface without line stops
  • Requires a smaller footprint and a lower cost of ownership
  • No exposed moving parts—zero pinch points


  • Product damage is prevented as cases are diverted without the use of external mechanical parts
  • Accurate product justification at outfeeds reduces case jams on downstream conveyors
  • Only a few critical parts for drive and activation, all with very fast replacement time, eliminating catastrophic failures and excessive downtime

Compact Footprint

  • Easy to integrate into existing lines
  • Customized configurations; no fixed widths
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