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Passive / Active Transfer

Manufacturer of Conveyor Belting

Are you looking for ways to successfully negotiate corners within your materials handling system? Do you need to change product orientation? Most technologies will cause damage to the product or packaging by pushing the product too hard or be unable to promise a smooth, straight transfer, resulting in product jams and production stoppages. To avoid these missteps HCM Systems typically implements Intralox passive / active transfers.

The Intralox passive / active transfer HCM Systems utilizes incorporates Activated Roller Belt™ technology which allows us to negotiate 90° transfers with or without a product orientation change with no resulting product damage or jams, all while maintaining a small footprint.


  • Handles a variety of products with minimal impact
  • Eradicates production jams and costly downtime due to skewing of product
  • Reduces maintenance needs
  • Covers a small footprint

Standard Operational Specifications
Product bottom surface Product should have a flat, smooth bottom surface. Odd-shaped products should be tested first.
Product size Minimum: 4 in. x 4 in. (100 mm x 100 mm)
Maximum: No restrictions (designed according to customer specifications)
  • Up to 5,000 products per hour
System Information
Layout & Dimensions
  • Length: 18 ft. - 36 ft. (5.5 m - 11 m), depending on number and configuration of conveyors
  • Width: Depends on the application and the product dimensions. For a typical bulk S400 Singulator with a maximum parcel size of 31 in. x 55 in. (800 mm x 1400 mm), the width is approximately 55 in. (1400 mm)
Construction & Components
  • Frame - painted carbon steel or stainless steel. Color as specified by customer.
  • Conveyor belts - Intralox modular plastic belting and Activated Roller Belt™ technology.
  • SEW (or equivalent) motor.
  • Adjustable supports +/- 1.97 in. (50 mm)
Environment Dry and clean environment.
Temperature range 32°F - 122°F (0°C - 50°C)
Intralox equipment sold in Europe is built according to European directions 2006/42/EC for machinery.
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