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Manufacturer of Conveyor Belting

Do you need to merge multiple product lines? Do you face rising production volume? Increasing product variety? Space restrictions? If you are confronted with these challenges and have a need to merge multiple product lines, you no longer need to look for complicated conveyor systems. HCM Systems a way to cope with merging lines and increased growth while maintaining simplicity.

Simpler than other technologies, the Intralox Perpetual Merge allows HCM Systems to continuously combine package flows from two or more lines into one, yet requires no complicated controls or sensors. Additionally, its small footprint simplifies your production layout. It is truly merging made easy, even in tight spaces.

Intralox DARB Sorter

Key Benefits

  • Increases line throughput by employing continual motion
  • Simplifies operations; no controls necessary
  • Features a smaller footprint
  • Zero accumulation; product damage is eliminated

The 90° DARB sorter is also viable in applications where product damage or worker safety is of concern. Because all moving parts are contained within the machine, below the conveying surface, impact on the products is minimized and risk of operator injury decreased.


Standard Operational Specifications
Product bottom surface Product should have a flat, smooth bottom surface
Product size Minimum = 4 x 4 in. (100 x 100 mm)
Product length (range) 6 to 24 in. (160 to 600 mm)
Product width (range) 4 to 24 in. (100 to 600 mm)
Product height (maximum) 16 in. (400 mm)
Product weight (range) 0.25 to 55 lbs. (0.1 to 25 kg)
Product orientation Short or long side leading
Product outfeed throughput (maximum) Up to 400 products per minute on smaller products
Equipment Information
Length/ Width/ Height Designed to specifications
Belt Speed Maximum 300 ft./min. or 100 meters/min. (dependent on product specifications)
Construction Frame - painted carbon steel or stainless steel
Frame Color As specified by customer
Environment Dry and clean environment
Temperature Range 45°F - 122°F (7°C - 50°C)
Intralox equipment sold in Europe is built according to European directions 2006/42/EC for machinery
Standard Components
Motor SEW (or equivalent)
Frequency Inverter SEW Movimot or supplied by customer
Adjustable Supports 1.97 in. (+/-50 mm)
Conveyor Belt Intralox Modular Plastic Conveyor belt
Easy maintenance with Intralox belt technology
Mechanical system with no electronic components (except drive)
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