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Intralox Conveyor Belting

Intralox ARB™ Activated Roller Belt technology allows HCM Systems to:

• Accommodate all package types, including new ones, and meet future requirements
• Lower system ownership and life-cycle costs
• Increase throughput capacity
• Consume less floor space
• Eliminate the need for safety protection

Intralox ARB™ Activated Roller Belt is one of the best forms of conveyor automation equipment on the market.

How It Works

On an ARB-equipped conveyor, the product rests on free-spinning belt rollers rather than on the belt surface. These rollers extend above and below the belt surface and are positioned at 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90° (or in some cases, a combination of these angles) in relation to the direction of belt travel. When the belt moves forward and the rollers come into contact with the carryway surface, the rollers become activated. These active rollers move the product across the surface of the belt in the direction of the roller orientation. Because it is possible to manipulate the carryway to move the conveyed products selectively, ARB-equipped conveyors have the unique ability to change the direction, alignment, location, and speed of an item independently, without using rails or complicated mechanical controls.

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