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Activated Roller Belt™ Technology
Manufacturer of Conveyor Belting

Layout Optimization

When HCM Systems applies Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology to a line layout, it can enable radical improvements of layout concepts that are not possible with traditional technology. While installing one piece of ARB™ equipment can improve a single application, reconfiguring a whole layout with multiple ARB™ solutions can optimize the performance of the entire line. HCM Systems is exceptional at ARB™ Layout Optimization.

HCM Systems will work closely with you to determine if ARB™ technology can positively impact the functionality and cost-effectiveness of a distribution or production line layout. Using physics-based simulation software and exact customer specifications, HCM Systems can demonstrate the effect that ARB™ technology will have on an entire layout. ARB™ Layout Optimization can have dynamic impacts on the ROI of a project.

By integrating ARB™ technology into a typical layout, this distribution center acheived the following:

  • Over $103,000 in cost savings
  • Floor space savings of more than 58m2
  • Increased system reliability while decreasing complexity and controls.

DC Layout Before Intralox ARB

DC Layout After Intralox ARB

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