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Palletizing Solutions

Manufacturer of Conveyor Belting

Intralox DARB Sorter Rendering

When HCM Systems utilizes ARB™ in palletizing solutions Intralox's ARB™ Palletizing Infeed System provides ultimate flexibility for customized pallet layer forming of the most varied products, at the highest throughput rates. Intralox's palletizing infeed system includes ARB™ Case Turner and ARB™ Switch conveyor automation equipment.

The palletizer infeed system HCM Systems utilizes provides simple, low-maintenance, automatic palletizing line feeds within a small footprint. It precisely arranges packages in a pallet layer configuration, ensuring proper formation; or, it can feed single or dual rows to layer forming robots. When HCM Systems utilizes ARB™ in palletizing solutions it can retrofit most traditional palletizers.

Benefits of ARB™ Palletizing Infeed Systems:

  • All the benefits of patented ARB™ technology
  • Create accurate pallet patterns, consistently and reliably
  • Will accommodate changing package materials, sizes, and layer patterns with simple controls software modifications only
  • Handle products gently, without grippers or bumpers
  • Increase worker safety
  • Have only one drive and few actuators
Solution Description Benefits Best Applied When
DARB Sorter

Fastest 90° sorter in its class

90° sorting into palletizing lanes for robot case/row pick.
  • Up to 230 ppm for 4"x4" product
  • Changes orientation
  • 90° divert
  • Higher rates
  • Layout improvements - no spurs, tight diverts, passive on transfers possible, footprint savings
  • Better product handling - package size and type flexibility
  • Gentle divert - decreased product damage
  • Increased safety - no exterior moving parts
  • Less maintenance
  • 90° sorting over 40 ppm with need to change product orientation
  • Small footprint is required
  • Reliability of product handling is necessary
  • Flexibility of product size and type required
S400 ARB™

Creating the pick

  • Turning
  • Aligning
  • Accumulating
  • Staging
  • 90° Turning
Turns product, aligns, and/or stages for more accurate & reliable robot pick.
  • Up to 200 ppm based on 6"x6" product
  • Selectively or always change orientation of some products
  • Justifies product for robot pick
  • In-line or right angle layout configuration
  • High reliability versus roller conveyor
  • Superior product handling
  • Smaller footprint & layout flexibility
  • Product size & type flexibility
  • Product handling, reliability and throughput is critical
  • Downtime, jams, must be prevented
  • Various package sizes
  • Small footprint available
New! S7000 Pallet Layer Former

Highest rate layer forming system on the market

Builds complete layers at the highest rates for robotic layer picking.
  • Up to 225 ppm
  • Forms any layer configuration - touchless turner & laner
  • Minimum product size 6"x6"
  • Ultimate flexibility - any layer configurations
  • Push button changeover - no mechanical adjustments or settings
  • Package type flexibility - handles a large product range
  • Eliminates product contact - no bump turns
  • High speed no touch turning - easy or hard way
  • Less maintenance - no slat switch
  • High reliability - positive case positioning
  • High rates & complex layer patterns
  • Rates cannot be handled by one or two row picking robots - layer picking required in order to meet high rates
  • Gentle handling, reliability, and flexibility are critical
S400 Dual Row Former Builds multiple rows for robot pick.
  • 80 ppm based on 12"x16" product
  • 1 infeed to up to 3 outfeeds
  • Min. product size 6"x6"
  • Increases robot rate vs. single case/row pick accumulation
  • Reliable product handling
  • Small footprint
  • Simple, low maintenance
  • Forming dual rows will enable higher rates
  • Small footprint and reliability is necessary
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