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At greater than 200 ppm, the Intralox 90° DARB* sorter is the fastest in its class for 90° sorting of product into tight divert centerlines (product length + 4 in.). This equipment allows you to rearrange and optimize your plant layouts, positively impacting overall footprint, throughputs, and system reliability.

Where It Applies

This equipment solution is extremely valuable when your objective is to achieve 90° sorting with a throughput greater than 40 products per minute or accurate sorting in a small footprint. Typically, this technology is ideal in the following situations:

  • High-rate sorting at 90° with tight divert spacing
  • Sorting into accumulation lines (such as mixed pallet building operations)
  • Sorting into a mini-load AS/RS
  • Carton sequencing
  • Single 90° divert (reject) stations
  • When changing carton orientation during high-rate sorting

The 90° DARB sorter is also viable in applications where product damage or worker safety is of concern. Because all moving parts are contained within the machine, below the conveying surface, impact on the products is minimized and risk of operator injury decreased.


Increased Productivity

The Intralox 90° DARB sorter allows for higher throughput ( > 200 products/min.) on sorting lines where a change of orientation is required-the highest throughput for 90° sorting in its price range.

Decreased Product Damage

Products are handled smoothly and gently, as they are directed from underneath the belt. The no-touch system preserves the quality of each product.

Floor Space Maximized

The DARB sorter is the only sortation equipment that can provide so many capabilities while maintaining a small footprint. Indeed, its precision allows for the distance from one divert center to the next to be as small as the product length plus 4 in. (100 mm).

Increased Safety

There are no moving parts outside of the machine housing, increasing safety for both workers and products.

Less Maintenance

With minimal moving parts and only one drive per sorter, the robust system design requires minimal maintenance.


Standard Operational Specifications
Product bottom surface Flat, smooth bottom surfaces are best; other products could be subject to testing
Product size Minimum: 4 in. x 4 in. (100 mm x 100 mm)
Maximum: No restrictions
Minimum product gapping Widest product width + 4 in. (100 mm)
  • Up to 230 products/minute with a product dimension of 4 in. x 4 in. (100 mm x 100 mm)
  • Up to 93 products/minute with a product dimension of 12 in. x 16 in. (304 mm x 407 mm)
Equipment Information
Length/Height Depends on customer requirements
Width Product width + 2 in. (50 mm) (with 2 in./50 mm increments)
Divert spacing (center to center) Product length + 4 in. (100 mm)
Construction Frame: painted carbon steel or stainless steel
Frame color As specified by customer
Environment Dry and clean environment
Temperature range 45°F - 122°F (7°C - 50°C)
Intralox equipment sold in Europe is built according to European directions 2006/42/EC for machinery.
Standard Components
Conveyor belt Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ technology
Motor SEW (or equivalent)
Adjustable supports +/- 1.97 in. (50mm)
Frequency inverter (optional) SEW Movimot
Diverts Pneumatically activated
Easy maintenance with Intralox modular plastic belt technology.
Mechanical system with no electrical components (except one drive).
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