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Standard Model 300 Tugger
Model 300 Tugger

Model 300 Single Roller Conveyor
Model 300
Single Roller Conveyor

Model 300 Counterbalanced Fork
Model 300
Counterbalanced Fork

This heavyweight SmartCart® Model 300 product line offers numerous options to meet specific needs. friction factor of 2%).

The SmartCart® Model 300 also includes options for a Single or Dual Roller Conveyor. This is useful for delivering pallets (as large as 48") to and from roller conveyor systems. The SmartCart® Model 300 Single Conveyor can transport a load up to 3,200 pounds, while the SmartCart® Model 300 Dual Conveyor can transport two 2,500 pound loads at one time.

Conversely, the SmartCart® Model 300 Counterbalanced Fork features a 1,500 pound load capacity and a 48" lift, which is perfect for picking up and dropping off pallets (as large as 48") from conveyors, stretch wrappers or the floor.

Additionally, the SmartCart® Model 300 can be customized with load handling carriers for assembly operations.

HCM Systems can provide the SmartCart® Model 300 with features and options including:

  • CartTools software for SmartCart® configuration
  • Magnetic tape or bar magnet guidepath
  • SmartSteer technology
  • Transponder location sensing
  • Precision stopping proximity sensor
  • Four selectable speeds from 10 to 160 feet per minute
  • Automatic restart front bumper
  • Laser bumper
  • Pendant control
  • Color HMI Display
  • Opportunity charging
  • Fast charging
  • Battery level monitoring
  • Stopping - with pushbutton release, timed release, or remote release via optic signal to the SmartCart®
  • Automatic load transfer controls
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