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MultiSpan Plastic Chain

MultiSpan® plastic chain is the strongest and most versatile among the Designer System® family of conveyors. It comes in a variety of configurations to accommodate almost any product handling application in the industry.

MultiSpan® plastic chain offers exceptional accumulation capabilities due to its edgeless design. This means lower back pressure during accumulation, reducing the likelihood of product damage.

Small parts transport well on MultiSpan® plastic chain because of its 25mm (0.98") pitch and compact profile, but its 42% open design still allows for the natural flow-through of liquids and debris.

The unique flexibility of the chain means that combining horizontal curves and elevation changes is no problem for the Designer System® family of conveyors.

MultiSpan® plastic chain has a pitch of 25mm (0.98") and is available in widths ranging from 125.5mm (4.94") to 1219mm (48") and beyond, in 30mm (1.18") increments.

MultiSpan® plastic chain is available in materials resistant to most chemicals and constant temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to 104.4°C (220°F).

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