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Collaborative Robots. Man and machine now have the ability to work side by side safely, without safety fences. HCM Systems is your expert on Collaborative Robotics.

HCM Systems is a leader in complete material handling systems integration for the distribution and manufacturing industries. We are experts in all areas of distribution & manufacturing; conveyor, robotics, palletizing, control systems, case handling, automatic guided vehicles, automated storage and retrieval, goods to person, order fulfillment, process control, and more. Our mechanical, electrical, and software engineers have decades of experience. HCM Systems is focused on being material handling systems integration specialists.

Clients choose HCM Systems.

HCM has the experience and proven solutions to meet customer's needs in Robotics, Software, Controls, Conveyor, and other material handling applications.

For Robotics and Conveyor in the United States, Northern Mid-West, Illionois, and Chicago Area, HCM can display proven solutions for your same or similar applications. HCM Systems' 'designs' work, they perform, and they do what they were designed to do.

HCM prevents cost overruns on projects and prevents delays that impact ROI. HCM has the processes, knowledge, and experience (with over 18 degreed engineers) to deliver your desired results.

As a convenience for our customers who know specifically what conveyor components and/or parts they need we have an extensive online conveyor store.

HCM Systems has employment opportunites for exceptional people with controls software experience. Go to the CONTACT US tab and click on careers.

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Controls Design

It is possible to buy a lot of metal (conveyor and equipment) and machine and never improve one’s productivity and efficiency. Proper controls design is what gives metal and machines intelligence. Far more than conveyor, equipment, and machines; controls deliver the desired results. It is the controls of a system that allows for seamless integration, systems communication, direction of product, flow, and the reduction of non-value human interaction.  High quality equipment is important in many ways, but pales in comparison to high quality controls design. Without exceptional controls, high quality equipment is rendered to minimal impacts on performance at best.

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